Sonik SK3 XTR Review – Full Cork: The Best Carp Rod Under £100

The rods that sold more than any other in a year ever, are they actually worth the cash?

 Pros: Set of 3 rods for well under £300 is an absolute bargain. Laser-accurate casting. Well balanced. Cork models have no real rival. 50mm butt ring doesn’t impeded casting. Free quality 3 rod holdall. Lifetime guarantee. Free butt ring protectors.
Cons: A more appealing logo near the butt would add to the perceived value. Experienced anglers still wrongly think Sonik rods do not offer quality performance, great more for me!

sonik-sk3-xtr-Sonik have been around for a while offering low-mid range carp gear at some great prices, most notably there awesome buy 2 get the 3rd free offer which has taken the market by storm.

Previously the early adopters were newbies to the sport or those on a budget but Sonik are fast becoming a reliable, quality carp rod manufacturer and the SK3 XTR range is, for me, the best rod under £100.

With the lifetime guarantee and the free rod bag you won’t find a better deal at this price, you can get the 3 rod set up for around the £260-280 mark depending on how nice your tackle shop manager is! There’s a set on Amazon for £259.

I own a set of the SK3 XTR full cork models in the 3.25lb test curve range and I can honestly say they wipe the floor with my previous rods, the look, feel and casting ability is razor sharp and when you bare in mind this is the first time I have strayed away from Greys rod (which for me are astonishing) you can start to see the value.sonik sk3 xtr review

I’ve owned the Prodigy SX’s, Platinums and X-Flite’s but can honestly say that after 3 sessions on the bank with the XTR’s, I’m thoroughly impressed.

They are also perfectly balanced with my Tournament 5000′s which is why I went for the 3.25′s

Overal Verdict

The Sonik SK3 XTR rods are the best rods for under £100, they have few rivals especially with the full cork models. Not only do they come with a lifetime guarantee but most dealers also give away a free good quality rod bag with them too! Happy days. All in all, an awesome rod that would be a bargain at twice the price.

Sonik SK3 XTR Review – Full Cork: The Best Carp Rod Under £100

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