How to Cast Further: A Beginners Guide

Struggling to hit that far bank spot? Follow these quick and easy tips and add some distance to your armoury

Though I am far from a casting expert it is definitely something that I have in my armoury and there are some basic tips that I have learnt over the last few years that can help you cast further than ever before.

Being able to cast further than other anglers on the venue you’re fishing is a sure-fire way of out-fishing them, no matter where you are, if you can fish the middle of the lake when everyone else can only get a 3rd across, there is sure to be a big shoal of carp holding up safely in that zone.

This has never been more evident than at places like Linear. Turn up, cast 140 yards, wait 10 minutes for a run, it can really be that simple at times.

First thing to clarify though is that you do not need massively heavy rods, huge reels and expensive equipment to cast further, 75% of it is pure technique and the tips below will give you all you need to take your casting to the next level.

Casting further: The tackle you need

25% of casting further is about technique but adding equipment to the mix that is capable of doing the job and helping you is always a benefit.

So here is the stuff you should be looking to have, as I say it isn’t all essential but the more you have the better.

Casting further: Technique

Getting the technique of casting right is by far the most important thing in achieving long distance casting, the biggest point though is the first one on the list.

  • Be confident – your tackle is made to withstand the pressure of casting so use it to its maximum
  • Place one hand on the end of the rod and the other over the reel
  • Lift the rod straight over your head with your arms full extended and straight
  • Leave half a rod-lengths ‘drop’ on the rig
  • Put one leg in front of you and one behind and rock your weight on to your back foot
  • Look towards the horizon, don’t look at the water where you are casting
  • Pull down with your left hand (if you’re right handed)
  • Push with your right hand
  • Stop your rod at 45 degrees as you push your weight towards your front foot
  • Try your best not to fall over!

As I pointed out earlier, the biggest part of the technique side of casting is being confident in your equipment, it is built to withstand pressure that neither you or I could ever force upon it so don’t worry, it won’t break, if it ever does just get it replaced by the life-time warranty that comes with most rods these days.

Slowly build up speed and power with your casts, allow your confidence to grow before attempting super distances as a lack of confidence will lead to crack-offs.

Practice makes perfect, get out there and give it a go and before long you will be hitting 150 yards with ease!

Tight lines.

For some more tips, take a look at this Free Spirit video.

How to Cast Further: A Beginners Guide

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