How Not to go Carp Fishing (Unless You’re Retarded)

These anglers have clearly had bad days on the bank, not to mention a brief appearance from an angling 'legend' (?)

We’ve all had bad days on the bank.

Too much rain, forgetting the kettle, losing the bait or dropping your toothbrush (for you posh people out there).

But these guys are really doing it wrong.

If you’ve had days like these, you deserve a medal.



Look at the state of that.article-0-193700C6000005DC-502_634x455

Now, I can understand that some eastern european anglers have a rep for tea-leafing fish but don’t judge a whole race by a few individuals. Especially don’t call the press out to plaster your mug over the papers being a racist.


I have nothing against match fishing as a whole, in fact i’ve got major respect for it, but it’s an entirely different ball game.

But, the thing that gets me is all the care us carp anglers take to look after fish, to preserve and protect. Not to mention the stick people give others online for holding a fish wrong or not using an adequate unhooking mat.

And yet you have these match blankers treating carp like the above, come on now, that’s not OK and is hugely hypocritical when you see the same blaggers spouting in the mags about carp safety, do one mate.


Might as well do this to those carp kept in keep-nets and bundled on top of each other by those match-men earlier.


I mean this is a little extreme, but you have to target the lookers, you wouldn’t go out on the pull in an attempt to hook up with 15 munters in one night (or maybe you would) – so why do you go for the easy win ugly carp down the local cess-pit.


Fuck that. Fair play to the dude for reeling it in. Clearly having a bad day.


I’ve heard of foul hooking but that’s ridiculous, must have been fishing at Drayton with a hook like that, pop up 78mm Cell no doubt.article-2278572-1792B099000005DC-399_634x420

You shouldn’t be allowed to go fishing with hair like that anyway.maxresdefault-1

Jim Shelley again, just because, well, look at him.

How Not to go Carp Fishing (Unless You’re Retarded)

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