Greys Prodigy GT3 Review

Possibly, one of the finest rods in this price bracket, but why.

Pros: Cheap but perform better than rods 2/3 times the price, look great, cast like a dream and will never let you down. All Greys rods give everything they have and more, they are truly bomb-proof.

Cons: The only negative I can give on these rods is that more people should be using them and being amazed by the quality, it’s a shame Greys don’t have the same ‘in your face’ marketing of some of the other brands, so they suffer on sales.

Greys rods have a reputation for being hardy, value for money, top-performing and bomb-proof rods and the latest in the Prodigy range, the GT3 is like all its predecessors, amazing.

Greys Prodigy rods have been around for a while and I have been fortunate enough to own a set or two of them, though at the time I purchased my first set (SX +’s) they were supposed to be my back-up rods, it didn’t stay that way long.

The performance of all Greys rods is sublime, soft, sleek and capable of firing heavy weights to extreme range but for me their greatest asset is their durability, reliability and their brute force.

My first set was battered, bruised, thrown, dropped, chucked and stood on several times but continued to smash rigs to ridiculous ranges with absolute ease.

Though my set ended up being my ‘bully’ rods for times when I knew they would get dirty, thrown around on the bank and generally given some stick I would have no hesitation in recommending these rods and any other in the Greys range.

I never had so much as a broken eye and believe me any other rod would have given up.


The Greys GT3 rods come in a variety of test curves but for me, the main reason why I would prefer these over the more expensive GT5′s is the 40mm butt ring that comes as standard with the GT3′s.

I wrote loads on why you don’t need a 50mm butt ring here but essentially it impedes casting, which for me is a massive part of my armoury so I want everything in my favour.

You can pick these rods up at awesome prices, the best I have seen is over at Amazon where they are going from as little as £85 with free delivery, what more could you want.

Overal Verdict

Greys have long been a firm favourite amongst carp anglers, they stand the test of time, perform better than any other comparably priced rod and will never let you down, not to mention the lifetime guarantee. If all the top anglers didn’t get there rods from their own sponsors, Greys rods would be in the limelight a lot more and be given the credit they deserve.

Greys Prodigy GT3 Review

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