Fox Supa Brolly Review: Best Brolly Out There?

Struggling to find a brolly that will do all the jobs you need and more? Check out the Supa Brolly, here's why

 Pros: Probably the smartest, biggest, most well built, roomiest and well designed brolly on the market. Cracking value for money and barely any on the bank at the moment. When in the ‘storm position’ magic happens!
Cons: Material is a bit thin compared to others but that doesn’t seem to have compromised strength and for me the overwrap is far too pricey. I would recommend buying the mesh ‘mozzie’ front which by the way keeps the weather out but still lets you see the water.

I’ve never been one for using a bivvy, for me they offer little benefit to my carp fishing, so I’ve always used brollies and if I’m honest they are usually those at the bottom end of the market in terms of price but I recently bought a Fox Supa Brolly and quite honestly, I’m amazed by it.

img_0089-1Simplicity, rigidness and space are at the core of the design of this super-brolly.

By far the greatest benefit to the Supa Brolly is the head space, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve head-butted the internal framework of my other brollies and cursed my bad back after having to compromise comfort because of the metal work hanging down the middle of the thing, it’s a pain.

Fortunately this is the most obvious advancement with the Supa Brolly, Fox have worked wonders to flatten the back panel and almost completely eradicate the internal metalwork.

The only thing you have is a frame of perhaps 4 inches protruding inside the brolly, compared to the previous 16-20 inches that is a massive difference.

Not only that though, the flatter back panel and raised design mean the framework is a lot further away from you to, you really wouldn’t notice it let alone it getting in the way.

fox supa brolly review interiorAnother small but massively beneficial bonus that comes with the Supa Brolly is the embroided rain-drainer-front (technical term) that filters any drops of rain down the sides of the brolly, stopping sagging and getting you gear dripped on all night.

Though the general feel of the material, including the ground sheet is definitely thinner than other comparable brollies, the Supa Brolly holds its own under testing, strength wise it is at the top end of the market.

Flip that slight negative on its head and you have a slightly lighter brolly and ground sheet combo that will easily slide into any quivver or be slung over the shoulder with ease.

Another major development with the Supa Brolly is the pure magic that happens when you use the ‘batten down the hatches’ peg tags, designed to lower the front of the brolly in heavy wind these usually mean compromises of space and comfort on other brollies, another edge that  see’s other brollies fail in comparison.

fox-supa-brolly-mozzy-meshWhen you peg down the front of the brolly in ‘storm position’ the top area is actually raised, creating more headroom, simple but genius.

Lightweight, strong, inexpensive and built with the angler in mind the Fox Supa Brolly is taking the market by storm, other companies are trying to jump on the technological advancement that this awesome bit of kit has delivered.

For me there is a negative though, that’s the overwrap.

I literally can not see why anyone would need it, it doesn’t add room to the brolly, it doesn’t add comfort and the extra heat it would keep in during colder months in negligible anyway.

The price of the wrap is slightly excessive too compared to the lack of advantages it brings, though I’m sure it will suit lots of anglers out there and is definitely well thought-out, for me the simple mesh front is the better option.

So save yourself well over £100 and don’t buy it.

The whole point of using a brolly in the first place is mobility and that it enables you to have a full view of the place your fishing, why would you want to effect both of those detrimentally and spend an extra few notes at the same time without so much as some extra room, I think Fox should go back to the drawing board on that one.


Don’t let that sway you though, as always our reviews are honest and unless you want to spend 3 times the money on a Titan, these things are a cut above everything else and will amaze you with the space they deliver.

The perfect accompaniment to any mobile angler, quick over-nighters or those who just like the fresh air!

For £150 notes on Amazon or even cheaper on eBay, who could argue that the Fox Supa Brolly has truly created an industry first and one that is destined to be a long-term classic.

Fox Supa Brolly Review: Best Brolly Out There?

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