Daiwa Windcast Z Review – Better than the Entohs?

Pros: A great reel, light, good looking and really built to last. You wont find any reel in this price range that delivers more than the Windcasts in any of the important fish-catching areas.

Cons: Though the Windcast’s do excel at lots of things, durability, casting, looks, build quality etc. You wouldn’t say that they have a ‘niche’ to themselves, they just do everything very well without being a master on one thing in particular.

Daiwa reels are always good, that goes without saying but for me the Windcast Z’s are one of their flagship models.

Being neither big or heavy the Daiwa Windcast Z comes with 2 deep set spools, holding well over 400 yards of your favorite 15lb line with ease and of course, superb line lay.

I bought a set of three of these as soon as they burst on to the scene and I’ve been mightily impressed every time they grace the bank with me.

daiwa_windcast_z review

Strong, robust, great casters and they look the business sitting under any rod-butt, the Windcasts are an all round joy to work with.

The immensly smooth front-drag is light but easy to use, only requiring a quarter turn to tighten up or release is a master-stroke from Daiwa.

All the above points to a really expensive bit of kit, but no, these bad-boys are available on Amazon for as little as £140 each and on eBay for less than that, a right bargain in my book.

daiwa_windcast_z review

I have never been one for paying much attention to my kit around fishing times, I’ve never serviced my reels, dried them out after use or even cleaned them ever. But guess what the Windcast’s keep performing, well above expectation and believe me I only use them when I know they are going to get beat up.

If you’re not like me though you can take advantage of Daiwa’s personal servicing department, owning these reels opens that option to you, within a week or two your reels will be back on your doorstep looking brand new.

I’m not going to sit here and try to pull the wool over your eyes, there are better reels out there but not many, even some labelled at twice the retail price can’t compete in my book but the one thing you do get with these reels is pure all round quality, they look the part, they perform and they are built to last, 3 key elements for any reel choice.

You can pick up a set of 3 on eBay for less than £200 these days.

The Daiwa Windcast Z Features:

  • Quick drag on X and Z o models only
  • HIP Line clip
  • AirBail
  • Twist Buster
  • DIGIGEAR Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • CRBB corrosion resistant ball bearings on Z & X
  • CastLock system
  • Line guard
  • Spare spool
  • Lifetime® Bail Spring

Daiwa Windcast Z Review – Better than the Entohs?

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