Daiwa Crosscast X 5500 Review: An Awesome Reel On A Budget

In this review we check out one of the Daiwa Crosscast range, a mid-budget choice for many anglers that seems to be fit for pretty much anything you can throw it.

Pros: Great value at £80 each. Awesome performance for a reel twice the cost. They look the part and certainly feel like a reel that will not you down for several years.
Cons: Line-lay isn’t perfect. Slightly heavy for a reel this size. Clutch ‘ticker’ isn’t particular strong but that doesn’t effect its performance.

ccxaThe Daiwa name is synonymous with fishing of all types across the world but one thing continually amazes me about any Daiwa product and especially the reels, that something is the inherent quality and features that perform far above the price-grade, the Crosscast X reels are no different.

Though an entry level reel the Crosscast X’s certainly look the part, several of my friends when I owned a set as a back up a few years ago assumed they were worth several hundred pounds each.

Of course I said they were but these little babies that out-perform any other reel under £100 are astonishing, they retail at around £80 each and you can pick up a set on Amazon for little over £200 or second hand on eBay for around £130.

While these reels will not give you supreme casting abilities, perfect line-lay or guarantee to catch you a UK fourty, what they will do is not break the bank, always fill you with confidence playing fish and not let you down, which for £80 is all you can expect.

As I mentioned earlier, I owned 3 of these as a backup set a few years ago and although I didn’t use them extensively they did amaze me.

ccxbI mainly used them for piking in winter and although I didn’t bank loads of fish on them they did get some severe punishment casting out heavy dead-baits, wobbling fish all day with constant casting and being dragged through trees and thrown in the back of the car.

Overal verdict

The Daiwa Crosscast X reels are awesome, they punch well above their weight and out-perform and look better than reels at twice the cost. Daiwa have delivered a reel that will not let you down, will deal with just about anything and will not break the bank, the perfect reel for the new or intermediate carp angler.

Daiwa Crosscast X 5500 Review: An Awesome Reel On A Budget

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