Best Spod Mix: 10kg of ‘Munga’ for Under £10

I must say that less than 12 months ago ‘spodding’ or ‘spombing’ in my case wasn’t even on my radar, it didn’t appeal to me and to be honest did not match my style of fishing but now I find myself doing it every session with great success, I even think I have found the best spod mix available for under £10 for 10kg, bargain right!

Before I tell you about this incredible fish-pulling spod mix, let me first introduce you to why I started spodding.munga-spoon-green-v1

I have a good friend who for me is an angling ‘geek’, he knows his stuff more than anyone else I have met, even some celebrity anglers do not have the technique, skill and ‘get up and go’ of this kid.

This can only be backed up by his captures this year, 28 different 30′s and 5 different 40′s which in itself is very credible but when I tell you that every single one of those fish was caught from ‘free’ lakes it starts to build that respect.

All those fish were caught from lakes that people have forgotten, wild with no previous stocking, un-touched and un-fished and all had less than 1 carp per acre to target.

He told me one day that he was a convert and in all honesty I thought “if its good enough for him”.

So now I always have a spod and marker set-up on me, ready to go, ready to find those features but don’t think I have forgotten my routes, I haven’t.

At heart I’m still a boilie angler, still a person who likes to have his rigs ‘just-so’ to make sure no matter what the bottom is like I’m fishing, still a person who won’t cast a line until he has found some fish only to chuck a critical rig with a tiny 1oz lead on their heads.

best spot mixIn the last year I have learnt a lot about big carp fishing, but the one thing that struck me during an episode of Thinking Tackle was that we are all learning, we are all constantly adding bits to our fishing to make us better anglers so that day I decided to try and speed up that learning curve as much as possible, just so happens that came a day or two before the spod bomb dropped.

The thing that tipped those thoughts from me was Danny Fairbrass himself, he didn’t show me a rig or a bait or anything like that, it was something he said about his own fishing, well something he did really. I’m sure you have all seen the episode when the boys are over at Skye lakes as part of a 2 part session, DF is getting his arse handed to him by Adam Penning.

AP is using his normal boilie only approach with great success while DF and others are doing their normal thing by fishing over a bed of spod mix which small delicate rigs.

At the point where DF says something like “you’re showing us how to do it AP, can you show me what you’re doing so I can give it a go”.

I thought “what, Danny doesn’t know how to scatter some boilies and fish chods”.

DF, like many others are built up on pedestals, but really they are just normal anglers who do what they do well and stick to it, so that spurred me on to find that ‘something’ that I do well, then excel at it. For me that thing is casting.

I have the power and accuracy to fish where other people can’t but previously I was restricted by the distance I can get with a throwing stick. Not any more.

Anyway that’s my little story over, now on to the spod mix that has been epical so far for me.

Like all other methods of fishing, you do not need to get the best ingredients going or do it the way the guys do on TV, you just need to have something that you feel confident in using and get out on the bank and try it.

For me a spod mix needs to do a couple of things, it needs to put a bed of bait down over the area and attract fish in to the spot as soon as possible but the mix I am going to tell you about has another quality, that is its ability to be used instantly as a spod mix for zig fishing if the situation arrises, simply add some lake water.

Before I give you the exact ingredients let me just give you one quick tip.

Every town has a pet wholesale shop in, go there, trust me you will not regret it. The one near me knocks out ‘partiblend’ sacks of 20kg for £12 and 5kg of hemp for £8. You won’t buy a prepared spod mix again.

Right, on with it.

My spod mix consists of:

  • 2kg of cooked hemp – Cooked in 1/4 bag of sugar and loads of chilli flakes, add salt after. (£1.50)
  • 3kg of cooked parti blend – Cooked in 1/4 bag of sugar (£2)
  • 5 handfuls of cooked tigernuts blended up (50p)
  • 4 pints of whole milk (£1.20)
  • Bag of decasinated coconut (80p)
  • 2 tins of tuna-fish in sunflower oil (35p)
  • 1kg of blended shrimp pellets (£1 if bought in bulk)
  • 3 tins of rice pudding (£1.50)
  • 1kg of sweetcorn (£1)

I find that quantity of each is perfect to spod straight away if left overnight to soak, if you want to use it over zigs, simply add some more lake-water to the mix on arrival.

This mix works wonder because it has several key ingredients that do several different things when they hit the water.

Firstly you have ingredients that carp are familiar with, coupled with some they almost certainly have not seen and when you mix all that together with some awesome clouding and attraction qualities you have the perfect spod mix that carp of all sizes love.

The milk, coconut and the rice pudding instantly disperse around all layers attracting fish in to the area.

The nuts, corn and majority of the partiblend and hemp will fall to the bottom fairly quickly.

Some nuts, pellets, hemp and seeds will stay in the upper layers of the water, drifting on the surface and falling in the vicinity.

The tuna and pellets help create an awesome slick on the surface which is also great for spotting when there are fish in the swim.

For less than £10 you will struggle to find a bigger, more attractive or better mix.

Quick tip: Boost your spod mix even more with the addition of Feedstim XP, Salmon Amino Compound and Liquid Shrimp Extract. All available form CC Moore.

Whats in your spod mix? Tell us in the comments section below.

Best Spod Mix: 10kg of ‘Munga’ for Under £10

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