Best Fluorocarbon Mainlines Revealed: Which One Do You Use?

One of the most debated pieces of tackle we own, mono or fluoro, the debate goes on, but here's our top 5 fluoro's just in case you fancy a change.

Modern day carp fishing is becoming more and more about being different, being concealed and being as stealthy as possible, fluorocarbon mainline is a massive part of that and in this article we discover the bestfluorocarbon mainlines on the market!

If you don’t know, fluorocarbon has amazing invisibility properties, stiffness, strength and abrasion resistance. Believe it or not the line we use on our reels is very similar to that used in musical instruments, in piping seals and air filters.

The main advantages of using a fluorocarbon mainline over any others are its invisibility in water and its sink-rate. This enables carp anglers to use a stronger breaking strain and thicker grade line because its less visible and ‘out of the way’ characteristics.

The only real disadvantage to fluorocarbon is its knot strength, though I can’t say I have experienced it before, compared to its rivals knots do break more often according to scientific testing. Don’t be put off though, as long as you wet your knots, tie them slowly and ‘tease’ them together so you don’t damage the coating, you will be fine.

All the lines we tested were great, all are brilliant in terms of invisibility, abrasion resistance and sink rate. The only thing we have judged them on is hands-on carp fishing, testing them out on the bank without the mumbo-jumbo.

Anyway, lets get on with it, here are the top 5 fluorocarbon mainlines voted for by over 50 judges who have used them all!

5th – Daiwa Floorit

A fairly new addition to the Daiwa range, the floorit fluorocarbon is a typical Daiwa product, it’s good looking, talks the talk but only really does just about enough to make it useful. That said it performed very well under testing, though seemed a little ‘ropey’ compared to other lines, the word on the street is that this is a common problem but in most cases weans itself out after a few fish stretch it out a bit. The cheapest on the market for 1000m.

Best price here – £38.99 – 1000m

4th – Fox Illusion XS

A good all-rounder the Fox illusion fluorocarbon is a decent purchase, cheaper than some of the others and very supple at its breaking strain. Feels a little less ‘coated’ than the others, wether that will effect it’s resistance to snags I don’t know. A worthy purchase with very good performance, lots of stretch and seemed to be very good straight out of the box.

Best price here – £19.99 – 300m

3rd – Gardner Mirage

gardner_mirageGardner have come up with some very good lines in recent time, the Mirage is no different. The most expensive line in the top by a long way but it certainly brings home the bacon in terms of performance, my only issue with this line is its knot strength, under testing using several knots this line ‘slipped’ or broke on average 5% faster than the others, don’t let that put you off though, this is a cracking line that is fast becoming a staple.

Best price here – £55.99 – 600m

2nd – Korda Kontour

korda-kontour-fluorocarbon-main-line-p8026-01Korda have been gaining a bit of a reputation for creating products for the sake of it in recent times, although I do agree to an extent (£7 key-rings!!!) luckily the Korda Kontour came before that wave and it really is a quality fluorocarbon. It has the best sink rate in its class certainly feels quality, though it can be a bit ropey in the higher breaking strains, this is a given. The only problem that is always on my radar is the supplied spool size of 200m, it’s shocking, an extra 50 meters and it would be the best on the market but at 200m you have to use backing on your spool, meaning more expense and more effort to use it, unfortunately that coupled with its fairly high price tag puts many people off using it.

Best price here – £19.99 – 200m

1st – X-line Fluorocarbonxline

What can I say about X-line that hasn’t already been said? Not much, safe to say though that this fluorocarbon is an all round stroke of genius that out-performs all other lines in its class in all areas (apart from maybe the price tag). It is soft, smooth, sinks like a brick and doesn’t come off the spool like rope. It has the best knot strength and the cult following of anglers using it is testament to its lifetime quality.  It is also one of the cheapest to spool up 3 reels!

Best price here – £29.99 – 600m

I’ve personally used the x-line for a number of years now and it really is the bee’s knees, I’m even using the 12lb variation on my long-casting set ups as it is only about 5 yards shorter than a 10lb Adrenaline over the 100 yard barrier. Epic.

Best Fluorocarbon Mainlines Revealed: Which One Do You Use?

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