Revealed: The UK’s Best Boilie That’s Guaranteed to Put Fish on the Bank

Choosing the right bait and having faith in it is one of the most difficult choices anglers make, let this help...

n modern times there seems to be a trend emerging with boilies, you are either a ‘boilie angler’ or not, if you are it is pretty much the only thing you use and so is the most important factor between blanking and catching a PB so today we will tell you about the best boilie that money can buy.

Over the years many different colours, shapes, sizes and flavours have dominated many-a-carp-water across the country and on the continent, some have come and gone while others have stuck around for nearly a generation, consistently catching fish from any and every lake, river or canal.

The choice of boilie each angler uses is almost a cult, no not a yoghurt, a mindset and a complete confidence in one boilie range or another.

It is very rare than an angler will switch baits or baits from a particular company but today I’m going to tell you that you can have THE best boilie that money can buy but still stick to your favoured company.

Anyway, lets get started, first up here is the 3rd best boilie on the market today.

The 3rd best boilie on the market today is…

The Live System. CC Moore have been around for a long time, designing, creating and installing confidence in anglers across the country with their baits.

The pinnacle of their range is the Live System, a bait that can only be described as ‘instant’.

Flavour-wise it is a creamy-fruity blend with hints of nut which is very sweet on the pallet and straw-like in colour.

For me the Live System is incredible, it catches fish time after time and has taken apart some of the most demanding venues across the country.

I believe the amazing flavour profile combined with the washed out colour that it takes on after a very short time in the water entices carp to assume that it is a safe offering, not to mention its incredible breakdown time and digestion profile.

The second best boilie on the market today is…

The Cell, there isn’t a carp angler in the country who has not seen or heard of the Cell, by Mainline. For that reason alone it deserves to be in the top 3.

A bait that has been used across the UK for many years with great success, though it has its doubters, they are nearly all anglers who fly against popular baits or have not used it.

The Cell is without doubt a phenomenal bait that is firmly established as one of the all-time biggest catchers at prolific day ticket venues like Linear Fisheries.

Similar in flavour profile to the Live System, it breaks down quickly and because pretty much every carp in the country has tried it, it’s already well established as a food-source.

The best boilie on the market today is…

…the one you feel most confident in.

Boilies and bait in general is all about confidence. All of the top brands out there make good bait, they all have good digestion properties, all use similar ingredients and all work.

The trick with any bait is confidence and the way to gain that confidence is to get out there and use it.

For me the CC Moore range is the best money can buy but there would be just as many anglers who prefer the Mainline, Dynamite or other ranges. The reason for that is we all catch, they are all good baits, just choose what you like, it will work I guarantee it.

Did you know: You can customise ANY bait you like, company’s like CC Moore allow you to customise or ‘tweak’ your baits in any way you please for a small fee. I love the Live System with added Banana, Pear and Cyprivit! 

Revealed: The UK’s Best Boilie That’s Guaranteed to Put Fish on the Bank

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